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Cleaning Company of the Year

This award celebrates those whose cleaning skills are their profession!

Cleaning Product of the Year

It would hardly be the Clean & Tidy Awards without a category for the Best Cleaning Product! From floors to windows, clothes to cutlery, we want to know the products that make every home shine!

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Content Campaign of the Year

No brands or products can prosper without a brilliant influencer or content campaign! From overall strategies to limited-time only marketing campaigns, this award highlights the masterminds of creative strategy.

Contribution to the Community

This award highlights the brand who put passion before profit by giving back to their community. From core brand objectives to individual campaigns, showcase your community spirit – and contribution – with this integral new award.

Contribution to the Environment

Sustainability is more than just a buzzword. This category will showcase the brands pioneering the way to a sustainable future through their contribution to the environment.

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Emerging Brand of the Year

For cleaning, tidying and home products released since October 2021! This category celebrates the brands and products that are changing the landscape of the home-lifestyle sector.

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Home Organisation Product of the Year

A tidy home means a tidy mind – and these products keeps our homes and minds in order. From labels to toyboxes, filing cabinets to coat hangers, this category celebrates the products that make tidying and organising that little bit easier.

Home Scent of the Year

Calling all candles, diffusers, melts, sprays and home fragrances – our Clean & Tidy Awards want to celebrate you!

Lifestyle App of the Year

Your home should support your lifestyle – and so should your home screen. Which apps are championing wellness? Self-care? Life organisation? We want to know the apps that you can use from home, to boost your happiness!

Lifestyle Service of the Year

Do you support people clean, tidy and organise their lives – but you’re not a cleaner or PO? Not to worry – this award shines a spotlight on the excellent services that individuals and companies provide to people in their homes!

Professional Organiser of the Year

Professional Organisers – we want to celebrate you! Are you changing your client’s lives? Receiving great testimonials? Using innovative techniques? We want to celebrate the most passionate and successful Professional Organisers in the UK with this brand new award!

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